Spark Like An OPAL

BLAST 6000

Have A Blast, Start Your Day Fresh


Spark Like An OPAL

BLAST 6000

Have A Blast, Start Your Day Fresh


Spark Like An OPAL

BLAST 6000

Have A Blast, Start Your Day Fresh



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6000 Puffs

Invisible Mega Screen
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Imagining A World Where Every Unique Voice Is Heard And Respected Globally

" As an Italian, my palate is surrounded by rich flavors like creamy gelato and tangy citrus. Imagine an e-cigarette that could capture the essence of Sicilian lemon or Tuscany’s vineyards! "

Sophia Mirabella

Italy, Travel Blogger

" Here in the UK, nothing beats the comforting taste of a warm apple crumble on a rainy day. I’ve been thinking, why not a vape juice that embodies this quintessentially British dessert? "

Thomas Richardson

United Kingdom, Writer

" In France, we cherish the artistry in everything we do, from fashion to food. I envision a DOJO vape design inspired by the elegance of Parisian fashion, perhaps incorporating sleek, metallic textures and soft, pastel colors reminiscent of our springtime fashion runways. "

Joseph Noir

France, Professional Chef

" I adore the intricacy of German desserts. I envision a DOJO flavor that brings the delicate taste of Black Forest cake—a rich blend of cherries and dark chocolate. "

Olivia Schmidt

Germany, Pastry Chef

" I think DOJO’s community could appreciate such a bold, distinctive flavor profile, enhancing the global tapestry of tastes. DOJO should try develope a flavor inspired by the Russian beverage, Kvass, which has a unique rye bread taste, would be innovative. "

Maria Ivanova

Russia, Software Developer

" The sleek, minimalist design of DOJO vapes truly appeals to my architectural sensibilities. It’s wonderful how the ‘Create and Share’ philosophy isn’t just about flavors but also about the aesthetics of the devices themselves. "

Nathan Brooks

United Kingdom, Architect

" Infusing the flavors of Irish cream and whiskey into a vape juice could offer a comforting taste of Ireland. The DOJO platform allows us to share these unique ideas and see them realized, which is incredibly exciting. "

Grace O’Connor

Ireland, Botanist

" DOJO’s ‘Create and Share’ philosophy has turned the vaping experience into a collaborative art form. I appreciate how it fosters creativity, allowing us to introduce flavors that represent our personal stories or cultural backgrounds. "

Dmitry Ivanov

Russia, Music Producer

" I’m truly enchanted by how DOJO respects and incorporates user feedback into both flavor development and product design. "

Sophie Laurent

United States, Artist

" The innovative approach of the DOJO brand to actively involve users in the creation process is revolutionary.The "Create and Share" philosophy has cultivated a sense of ownership and pride within the community. "

Miguel Alvarez

United States, Entrepreneur

The DOJO Flavor

At DOJO, every flavor is a story, and every puff is a journey. Our extensive palette of flavors is not just crafted; it’s discovered, shared, and celebrated across our global community

Fueled by Your Flavor Fantasies

Sparked by the imaginative palates of our vapers, each flavor is a unique fantasy.

Memories Rekindled Through Flavor

Captured from the shared stories of vapers worldwide, crafted to celebrate cherished memories.

Flavor Briliance from Cultural Integration

Explore the exquisite complexity of flavors born from the fusion of global cultures.

The DOJO Community

Where Everyone Can Find
Their Kindred Spirits

Your Uniqueness Inspires Our Greatness

DOJO exists because of vapers, crafting exceptional vaping experiences through creation and sharing

DOJO exists because of vapers